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What is a Publishing Consultant 

A Publishing Consultant works one-on-one with you, the author, on your writing project and helps you achieve your publishing goals.


John Bond is a Publishing Consultant with 25 plus years’ experience in guiding people like you, writers and authors, through the challenging process of content creation and publication.  John Bond of Riverwinds Consulting does this with phone calls and emails, whether you simply have an idea or have already started your project. A Publishing Consultant can help with all facets of writing and publishing.


A Publishing Consultant is not a writer, editor, or publisher.

A Publishing Consultant is more of a:




Information Resource, 


Task Master (at times), and 

Supporter for your goals and project.

Your process starts with an initial complimentary phone call to discuss your unique circumstance. John and you will identify your goals. He will then suggest a short-term or long-term plan to address your situation. Following the initial call, John will provide you with a detailed plan that helps you, step-by-step, work toward achieving your objective. The plan will include one-on-one calls and emails. John will also provide detailed next steps for you to complete on your own, while he checks in and provides support.


Whether you are a researcher writing a journal article, a professor with a textbook idea, or an aspiring writer looking to get their book on the New York Times or Amazon 

Bestseller list, John can tailor a program to fit your needs, and budget.


Don’t procrastinate. Get started on the road to completion and publication. Arrange an initial phone consultation today and create plans for success.

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