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Prices and Options 

When thinking about using a Publishing Consultant, you have many points to consider. Your time is an important one, but so is your budget.


With John Bond of Riverwinds Consulting, your initial phone call is free. After that you will receive a detailed plan based on your goals and needs with the exact costs spelled out. 


Your consultations with John can work in several different ways:

  • You can pay for one phone call at a time to ensure a Publishing Consultant is right for you,

  • Or you could pay a flat fee for 8 hours’ worth of calls with John (in half an hour or hour increments) over a 60-day period at a reduced rate, 

  • Or you pay on a project basis. You and John would discuss your goals and John would suggest the scope of the project and detail responsibilities including how often you would connect. John would then lay out a plan for the project and quote a flat fee.


Your engagement with John can be short-term or long-term. It is your choice. Here are John’s rates


Prefer email? If email fits your schedule or work habits better, all the coaching can be done via email as opposed to phone.


Need help with other tasks? In addition to phone calls or emails, John can also help with such work as research (the best publishers, the best journals), crafting a query letter, reviewing a proposal or manuscript.


Working with a Publishing Consultant can save you months or years in the writing process and then in searching for a publisher. He can help prevent mistakes with agents, publishers, editors, or get published quick schemes. The investment can pay for itself. 


No matter your needs or budget, John can create a plan that is right for you. Contact him or schedule your initial call.

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