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I have worked with John Bond for more than 10 years on three book publishing projects. John Bond is the quintessential publishing consultant. His integrity and work ethic are refreshing and rare!  John’s expert knowledge of the publishing industry, remarkable sense of teamwork, genuine encouragement, and thoughtful generosity create a trustworthy and professional relationship and collaborative and successful experience for the individuals and organizations that work with him on publishing projects.

Sheila Glazov

Author of What Color Is Your Brain?

What Color Is Your Brain? When Caring for Patients

Princess Shayna’s Invisible Visible Gift


I have known John Bond for over 2 decades and have had the pleasure of working with him on multiple publishing projects involving books, chapters, and monographs. He is a consummate professional with an excellent understanding of the publishing industry. John has always provided sound, trustworthy guidance on the design, content, marketing, and distribution of professional publications. I regard him as a respected colleague because of his publishing expertise and as an esteemed friend because of his impeccable values, character, and judgment.

Charles H. Christiansen, EdD, OTR, FAOTA

Author, Educator, and Leader

Principal and Founder: StoryCrafting LLC, A Transition Planning Company

Rochester, Minnesota

The best thing about working with John Bond is not his extensive knowledge of publishing and his unique ability to envision and articulate innovative products.  Those are invaluable attributes that have made him highly successful in the publishing world and a pleasure to collaborate with.  However, what I appreciate most about John are his interpersonal skills.  He is very candid, trustworthy, and communicates in a manner that makes the end result clear and instills confidence in the process and product. John’s combined publishing knowledge and interpersonal skills make him an ideal consultant for publishers, associations, and authors pursuing innovative book and journal publishing.  

Eric L. Sauers, PhD, ATC, FNATA

Professor & Chair

Department of Interdisciplinary Health Sciences

Arizona School of Health Sciences

Associate Director

Athletic Training Practice-Based Research Network (AT-PBRN)

A. T. Still University

Mesa, Arizona

I have had the pleasure of working with John Bond on three text books over the last decade. He is a real talent—a great resource, a coach, an advisor, and a wonderful ethical human being.  He consistently produces quality projects and always had respect for my time and responsibilities as we worked to achieve the project goals.

Carolyn M. Baum, PhD, OTR/L, FAOTA

Elias Michael Director and Professor

Occupational Therapy, Neurology, and Social Work

Washington University School of Medicine

St. Louis, Missouri

I have worked with John Bond for nearly 30 years as an author and editor. He is both knowledgeable and personable. He has always been accessible, and I have especially enjoyed our brain-storming sessions. He is dedicated to making every single project the absolute best it can possibly be.

Janice K. Ledford, COMT

EyeWrite Productions

Franklin, North Carolina

I have worked with John Bond since the mid-1990s and published six books under his leadership. John provided immense knowledge about the whole publishing process as I developed these books. He was responsive to my questions, innovative in suggesting new directions for the books and publishing methods, and it was always a pleasure to work with him.

Mary Law, PhD, OT Reg (Ont), FCAHS

School of Rehabilitation Science

McMaster University

Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

John Bond and I have worked together for 25 years on nearly a dozen book projects.  His leadership and vision have helped shape my. I value his expertise and the support he has given me through all our time together.

Karen Jacobs, EdD, OTR/L, CPE, FAOTA

Clinical Professor

Program Director, On-line Post-Professional Doctorate in Occupational Therapy

Boston University

College of Health & Rehabilitation Sciences: Sargent College

Department of Occupational Therapy

Boston, Massachusetts

As an author of two textbooks, each with multiple editions, John Bond was my publisher for 25 years.  Never once in hundreds of interactions was I disappointed in his support or assistance.  I value his wisdom and expertise.   He encouraged me to take risks in my writing that other authors were reluctant to take and supported my efforts 100% to very successful outcomes.   When I needed advice, he was always thoughtful in his responses, and helped me to make the best decisions by clearly outlining his perspective on the choice I needed to make.  He has become a cherished colleague and friend, one that I value so much that I dedicated the last edition of one of my texts to him.

Carol M. Davis, DPT, EdD, MS, FAPTA

Professor Emerita

Department of Physical Therapy

University of Miami Miller School of Medicine

Miami, Florida

It has been a pleasure to work with John Bond over the past 15 years, during which time he oversaw the publication of three of my academic texts. He has been unfailingly attentive and supportive during all phases of our work together. In addition, he has been cordial and flexible in our business dealings and is a model for others in his position. 

Michael F. Nolan, PhD, PT

Professor and Vice Chair

Department of Basic Science

Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine and Research Institute

Roanoke, Virginia

I first met John at a conference when I was introduced by a colleague of mine as a potential book co-author.  Shortly thereafter, I proceeded to work with John on two book publications and a two-disc interactive educational series. Apart from his knowledge of the publishing world, I was especially impressed with his passion for growing our profession and becoming a front runner in professional education. I soon came to realize that his passion for our profession extended to his passion for me as a professional and as a friend.  I firmly believe that is what sets John apart from others.  He truly cares about the projects he is working on, and equally cares about the authors he is working with. He has a unique skill set that is driven, yet compassionate.  Through his strong work ethic and sincere approach, he instills mutual respect in a relationship that fuels any project idea and/or timeline.

Denise Lebsack, PhD, ATC

Associate Professor, Athletic Training School of Exercise & Nutritional Sciences

San Diego State University

San Diego, California


It has been a distinct honor to have worked with, learned from, and gotten to know John Bond over the past 15 years. Whether working on a manuscript as a first-time co-author, a member of the Physical Therapy Advisory Board, or during challenges encountered while completing the second edition of a textbook, John is supportive, encouraging, and exudes professionalism. His years of intimate experience in the publishing industry became evident and helpful during the course of a project. John sets high standards for quality in the products he is associated with yet genuinely cares about the people involved.  I am proud of the work I have accomplished under him and privileged to call him friend.

Peggy DeCelle Newman, PT, MHR

Professor, Division of Health Professions

Physical Therapist Assistant Program

Oklahoma City Community College

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


As an author, I have had the opportunity to know John for the last 10 years. In that time, I was able to draw upon his extensive experience in many areas related to textbook and journal publication. He and his team were personable, knowledgeable, and extremely professional, and together they made my experience as an author a remarkable one. He is a leader in the health care publication field who inspires individuals to be creative and develop products unlike anything on the market. It has been an honor and a privilege knowing and working with him.

Mia L. Erickson, PT, EdD, CHT, ATC

Associate Professor and Co-Academic Coordinator of Clinical Education

Division of Physical Therapy

West Virginia University School of Medicine

Morgantown, West Virginia


John’s extensive experience in the publishing world enables him to provide cutting-edge information to authors and editors.  Moreover, his interpersonal abilities are outstanding; thus he is comfortable working with everyone, from novice to expert.  He is gifted in guiding projects to completion.

Karen H. Morin, PhD, RN, ANEF, FAAN

Professor Emerita

Associate Editor, Journal of Nursing Education

University of Wisconsin—Milwaukee

College of Nursing

Milwaukee, Wisconsin


I’ve had the privilege of working with John Bond in my role as chief editor or author on multiple ophthalmic surgical textbooks. He’s been the consummate professional who has gained the respect of everyone in the publishing business, and particularly from the physicians he has worked with. John’s been like a top movie producer who sets up the director (the editor) and the actors (the chapter authors) for success. In this role he’s been supportive of our needs, sensitive to our clinical demands, and has always provided sound insights and advice—ranging from selecting topics and authors to designing book covers.

David F. Chang, MD

Clinical Professor of Ophthalmology

University of California, San Francisco

San Francisco, California

Alto Eye Physicians

Los Altos, California


I have had the privilege of working with John over the past 25 years.  John is a true professional; he thoroughly knows the publishing business, clearly understands the issues in dealing with medical content, and is a clear thinker and a "straight shooter" in dealing with authors.  In addition, John understands the nuances of having texts in English published in other languages.  I have no hesitation in giving John my highest recommendation.  Those who seek his advice will be very fortunate.

Lanning B. Kline, MD


Department of Ophthalmology

University of Alabama School of Medicine

Birmingham, Alabama


John Bond and I have worked together in a variety of roles for over 20 years with nothing but positive interactions. He is extremely knowledgeable, effective, and interactive regarding the entire publishing process and can clearly identify the needs of author, editors, and publishers. But, his most outstanding characteristic is his sensitivity and openness to all those professionals and individuals that come in contact with him. He is an exceptional human being and will always provide constructive and insightful perceptions no matter the role he assumes.

Darcy A. Umphred, PT, PhD, FAPTA

Emeritus Professor

Retired Chair and Professor

Department of Physical Therapy

University of the Pacific

Stockton, California


John Bond is not only the consummate professional, his knowledge of the publishing world is second to none. In the over 20 years that I have worked with John, he has guided me through the production of some fifteen textbooks, revised editions, and translations into foreign language. He is extremely organized and detailed, understands the needs of authors and organizations, and is well-respected in the industry. Most importantly, John is a trusted friend who values his relationships with his business partners.

Jeff G. Konin, PhD, ATC, PT, FACSM, FNATA

Professor and Chair, Physical Therapy Department

University of Rhode Island

Kingston, Rhode Island

Adjunct Professor, Department of Family Medicine

Primary Care Sports Medicine Fellowship

Brown University

Providence, Rhode Island


You can count on John's breadth and depth of experience to be a crucial component for your business needs. John is an astute mentor and intuitive guide on the side for key decision-making and forthright in his recommendations. John is thoughtful in his deliberations and listens intently. I can't thank him enough for the joy he has shared in times of celebration, along the journey to production, his seasoned wisdom, sound counsel during challenging intersections, and inspiring advisement. I hope our paths shall converge again. John Bond is a professional you can not only count on, he will take you along heightened trajectories you may not have even envisioned.

Gina Maria Musolino, PT, MSEd, EdD

Associate Professor and Director of Clinical Education, Leadership Team

University of South Florida College of Medicine

School of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Sciences

Tampa, Florida


John Bond has been exceptional in the publishing area as his knowledge on the subject is tremendous. I have worked with him on various books and every time he came out with suggestions that made the book better. All in all, John Bond is not only great in what he does but is a great human being and a great friend.

Amar Agarwal, MS, FRCS, FRCOphth

Dr. Agarwal’s Group of Eye Hospitals and Eye Research Centre

Chennai, India


John Bond had years of experience working with novice and seasoned writers to craft high quality publications in health care disciplines. He is skilled in supporting the efforts of writers, shaping projects, and keeping them on track. It's always a pleasure to work with him, even during challenging phases of the project development process.

Bette Bonder, PhD, OTR/L, FAOTA

Professor Emerita

Cleveland State University

Cleveland, Ohio


I have had the pleasure of working with John Bond on three publishing (textbooks) projects over the past 13 years. His wealth of knowledge about all aspects of the publishing process allows him to provide insight that is rooted in the realities of a tough competitive industry. His candid assessment of what my projects needed always proved to be on the mark. He is always able to see a bigger picture and provides a direction and vision that is reassuring.

Andrew P. Winterstein, PhD, ATC

Associate Clinical Professor

Program Director-ATEP

Department of Kinesiology

University of Wisconsin—Madison

Madison, Wisconsin


To me, a successful publisher needs to have three key abilities: an in-depth knowledge of the publishing business, an ability to connect and communicate effectively with authors, and a keen awareness of the importance of marketing. John has all three. I have known John for 10 years, and as an author have worked with him as the publisher on six ophthalmology textbooks. The tremendous commercial success and popularity of these books is a testament of John as a first-rate publisher. It has been an honor and pleasure to work and learn from John. 

Ming Wang, MD, PhD

Clinical Associate Professor of Ophthalmology

University of Tennessee

Director, Wang Vision Cataract & LASIK Center

Nashville, Tennessee


Another strength is John’s ability to mentor new authors.  In 2000, I was one of those new authors.  With his help and support, this book is now going into its third edition.  In addition to helping me, I have referred multiple colleagues to him for advice with regard to ideas for a new book. I cannot say enough about his willingness to help the authors working with him and his knowledge of the publishing world.  He has been a great help to my career. I have sought his help many times in the past and will continue to do so in the future.

Herb Amato, DA, ATC

Associate Vice Provost, University Programs

Athletic Training Program Director

James Madison University

Harrisonburg, Virginia


John keeps in touch with authors and is always open to new ideas. When I had an idea for a book, it was John I would call to get his opinion. He understands what's already out there, and where there are gaps. He always made sure the latest thinking in a field was represented: he understands the need to keep up with current trends and research.

Marilyn B. Cole, MS, OTR/L, FAOTA

Professor Emerita of Occupational Therapy

Quinnipiac University

Hamden, Connecticut


John Bond brings a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience in the world of publishing to his professional interactions with authors and clients. He is a trusted guide and resource, producing unparalleled quality publications. I wouldn't work with anyone else!

Marjorie J. Albohm, MS, ATC

NATA Past President

Director, Ossur Academy

Ossur Americas

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