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Getting Started 

If you think a Publishing Consultant might help you with writing or publishing, it is easy to get started. Schedule an initial call with John Bond of Riverwinds Consulting. 


To make the best use of your time and the initial call, give a bit about your background and your project’s status. It doesn’t matter if it is just an idea or there is a finished manuscript. Include your goals for the project. Or your phone call can just be an open conversation. 


Either way, the call is free. After the call, John will then suggest a short-term or long-term plan to address your unique situation. Following the initial call, he will provide you with a detailed plan that helps you, step-by-step, work toward achieving your objective. The plan will include one-on-one calls and emails. John will also provide detailed next steps for you to complete on your own, while he checks in and provides support.

It is easy to get started. Don’t let procrastination or “analysis paralysis” stop you.

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