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You have probably never taken a course in publishing. The writing classes you have taken may have been in high school or not at all. And yet when most people embark on writing projects they go it alone. Alternatively, they may ask the person in the next office or a friend for advice, which many times is passed down from person-to-person (and not always accurate or up-to-date).


A Publishing Consultant is a coach, guide, teacher, and information source all rolled into one. Start with an initial complimentary phone call to discuss your unique circumstance. John and you will identify your goals. He will then suggest a short-term or long-term plan to address your situation. Following the initial call, John will provide you with a detailed plan that helps you, step-by-step, work toward achieving your objective. The plan will include one-on-one calls and emails. John will also provide detailed next steps for you to complete on your own, while he checks in and provides support.


It is like having your own one-on-one meetings with a publishing expert with 25 plus years’ experience. Eliminate the trial and error method of finding out how to get published. Get the correct answers you need now.


Also, if your writing has stalled, John can help craft a plan to keep you on pace; a pace you set. He can ensure you are working smart. Sticking to a plan, and being accountable to it, is the key to productive writing.

Riverwinds Consulting

Here is a list of some of the types of coaching that John Bond of Riverwinds Consulting offers:

 General Interest Book Publishing: You may have an idea, rough draft, or finished manuscript, where do you go from there? John can give time-tested advice on: preparing an outline of the book or story, setting a timetable for writing, writing a query letter or book proposal, targeting agents or publishers for consideration, discussing if self-publishing is right for you, or securing a publication deal, including trends in publishing contracts.


‣ Textbook Publishing: The educational and university models may be changing, but textbooks continue to be at the center of most classroom experiences. However, there is no magic formula. Successful textbook authoring requires a unique approach to the subject matter; building a better mousetrap. Having overseen the publishing of over 500 books, John Bond can help you navigate the challenges associated with textbook authoring and publishing. Starting with an initial call about your goals and your assessment of the market, John will then lay out a plan that will provide the important steps of creating a market analysis and then a full developmental plan.


‣ Academic Book Publishing: Academic publishing continues to experience major changes as the digital revolution disrupts the traditional scholarly monograph market. Despite these changes, there is an increased demand for scholarly material by readers, researchers, universities, and libraries. Having overseen the publishing of over 500 books, John Bond will help you decide what format is best for your project, whether it is an eBook, self-publishing, a series of journal articles, digital publishing, or the traditional academic book publishing model.


‣ Journal Article Publishing: How do you find the right journal for your manuscript? Do you need to pay an open access fee? Can I submit to multiple journals at once? What’s the best journal in your field or the journal with the quickest time to acceptance? Journal article authors have many questions. Having overseen the publishing of over 20,000 journal articles, John Bond can provide short-term answer questions for you as well as guide your long-term plans. After an initial complimentary call, he will follow up with specific suggestions for how to proceed with your paper whether you are still gathering data, have a first draft, or are ready to submit to a journal. He will suggest a plan to fit your circumstance, and budget.


‣ Self Publishing: Authors can now create and deliver books that rival the largest New York publishers in quality and impact.  But there are potential pitfalls.  Many authors will spend hours on the manuscript but skimp on marketing and sales, with inevitable disappoint due to lack of results. John Bond can help self-publishers navigate the waters with their project. Start with an initial call to discuss your project and goals. John will then follow up with a plan tailored to your genre and project. John can help layout the unique steps in self-publishing, as one size does not fit all. John help if you simply have an idea, a finished manuscript, or published book.


‣ Marketing and Promotion: It is an old adage that it is easy to write a book, but the difficult part is finding someone to buy it. While that may be a bit simplistic, it underscores the importance of marketing and promotion. Sadly, some authors have invested hundreds of hours writing a book only to have it land with a thud. No recognition, no sales, no results. Reach out to John Bond with an initial call to discuss your project. With 25 plus years’ experience in marketing and promoting scholarly content, John will follow up with a detailed plan of how the two of you can create a focused Marketing Plan for you schedule and budget.

You have invested in your education, your career, writing software, research, books, webinars, reports.  But you still have questions. You are not making the progress you hoped. Get the answers you want and need with one-on-one advice from a publishing veteran.


Schedule an initial complimentary call with John Bond today!

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